Robert G. Floberg
Forensic Document Examiner / Handwriting Expert

phone  253.820.1991

  Working with attorneys, law enforcement, investigators, bankers, medical professionals, insurance companies and corporations for over 25 years in disputed documents; thousands of cases - tens of thousands of forged documents examined. Expert testimony provided in Washington and Idaho Superior Courts, US Federal District Courts, Administrative Hearings, Civil Depositions, and Military Court; I offer a full range of services as a court approved forensic document examiner. With today's changing technologies, experience, proven skills and state-of-the-art equipment is more crucial than ever in determining the authenticity of a document or a signature, or to resolve other difficult document problems.

All document problems including:

  • Alterations and indented writing
  • Business records, insurance papers, and legal instruments
  • Forged signatures on wills, deeds, and other important documents
  • Manufactured documents, counterfeit checks, etc.
  • Medical and dental records, real estate documents
  • Signature and handwriting comparisons, anonymous letters
  • Document photography
  • Courtroom testimony, visual aids, and presentations
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